Complaints Policy & Appeals Procedure

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Equal Opportunities: Impact Assessed




Policy Statement

The Academy welcomes comments and complaints from all learners and clients as well as from the general public. We use this process to improve services for learners and the wider community in which we exist.


LincsBTMA is committed to the continuous improvement of the services we provide. We recognise that, occasionally, mistakes will be made or the service offered will not meet as individual’s requirements or expectations. For these reasons it is our policy that all complaints should be:


  • Treated seriously and in an open manner
  • Acknowledged immediately, preferably in writing
  • Investigated
  • Resolved, wherever that is reasonably practicable, within no longer than 13 working weeks
  • Used as feedback to improve the service which the Academy offers


The Academy’s Charter sets out the standards and services learners can expect us to provide, as well as the learner’s responsibilities.


No complainant brining a complaint under this procedure will be treated less favourably by any member of staff. If there is evidence to the contrary, the member of staff may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.



The policy applies to all members of the College community but does not replace College procedures for, staff grievances, academic appeals and student disciplinary action: those procedures should be used where appropriate.



The Human Rights Act 1998 applies to the operation of this policy..



  • All Academy staff have a responsibility for receiving complaints, treating them seriously and dealing with them promptly and courteously in accordance with the procedure set out below.
  • All Academy staff have a responsibility for resolving a complaint, and leading or contributing to an investigation into a complaint when this is considered appropriate.
  • The Principal is responsible for resolving complaints which have not been resolved during the previous two stages. The decision made by the Principal is final.
  • The Awarding Body in this instance Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) is responsible for ensuring that the complaints policy and procedure are operating effectively and may become directly involved if a complaint is directed against the Principal, the Clerk or members of the governing body.


Actions to Implement and Develop Policy


Stage One


Complaints about courses to be made directly to the Principal. Where this is not possible or does not result in satisfactory resolution, the complaint should be submitted in writing.


The Academy usually expects complaints to be made by the person concerned. However it will consider complaints made by a learner’s parent or advocate.


Anonymous complaints cannot be investigated.


All comments/complaints will be forwarded to the Student Services Co-ordinator who will acknowledge receipt within one working week. The Student Services Co-ordinator will then forward to the relevant college manager.



Stage two


The Principal will respond in writing within one working week, explaining what has happened as a result of the complaint. Where this involves a member of staff, specific detail of action taken will not be made available. This is to ensure that our employees are afforded appropriate dignity at work. 


If the complaint requires further investigation that cannot be carried out within the week, the manager shall keep the complainant informed and specify a date when a response can be given.


Governing Body should also be addressed to the Clerk to the Corporation.


Monitoring & Evaluation


The Principal should maintain a confidential record of complaints dealt with and will maintain a record of all complaints, appeals and outcomes and produce a termly report for analysis with the Lead IV.


Related Policies


  • Internal Assessment Appeals Policy



Appeals Procedure


Assessment Decisions for VTCT Learners


To ensure that all students are fairly, accurately and regularly assessed in a consistent manner.

To meet and exceed the requirements placed upon us by QCA and VTCT.

To ensure that valid assessment decisions are reached for all our students and that external requirements are fully met.

If there is any question of unfair assessment by a learner the following should be adhered to:


  • Speak to the assessor at time for feedback; there will always be evidence on you assessment sheet of mistakes, unsafe practice or quality of service. If you are still unhappy with the decision please put a complaint in writing to the Principal (this may be sent electronically to:


  • The Principal will reply and schedule an appointment with you usually within a week from the date the complaint is received. Both sides will be given time to put forward a case for the Appeal and the Internal Verifiers will be called upon to look into the quality of assessments. At LincsBTMA all of the assessors are experienced and we pride ourselves on quality and it is hoped that this does not need to be undertaken.



  • There is usually a solution that can arise from discussions with the Verifiers but in the very rare case this is not possible the External Verifier Annette Radford may be contacted:


  • The External Verifiers decision is final and once a decision has been made, the learner must accept this and continue in a professional manner


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